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Best Love Messages To Share With Your Partner.

♥♥ A Sweet But Sad Love Story ♥♥
There was a Blind girl,
Who hate her self
because of being blind

She hate Every One
except her boyfriend

Oneday the girl said
that if she can only see the World
She will Marry her boyfriend
they Loved each other

Oneday someone donated eyes to her
then she saw everything including her boyfriend ,

Her boyfriend ask her
now that you can see
will you Marry me?

The girl was Shocked when she saw
her boyfriend is also blind

She refuses to Marry him
her boy friend walk away with tears and said

♥ Just Take Care of my Eyes dear..” ♥
If yOu lOve sOmebOdy,
Set Them free. ♥

If They return…
They were Always yOurs.
If They dOn’t, they Never Were Yours. ♥♥♥

нσℓ∂ мє ιи уσυя αямѕღ•——•ღ
иєνєя ℓєт мє gσ,ღ•——•ღ

кιѕѕ мє σи му ℓιρѕ вυт,ღ•——•ღ
ѕσ ѕωєєт & ѕℓσω..ღ•——•ღ

тєℓℓ мє тнαт уσυ ℓσνє мє,ღ•——•ღ
вυт σиℓу ιf ιт ιѕ тяυє,ღ•——•ღ

иσω, ℓєт мє тєℓℓ уσυ ѕσмєтнιиg.,ღ•—— •ღ
ι’м ѕσ ιи ℓσνє ωιтн уσυ…♥ღ•——•ღ

I Hανє A Dяєαм..
Tσ Lινє Mу Lιƒє Wιтн Yσυ….♥
Sнαяє єα¢н мσмєηт σƒ му ∂αу&ηιgнт
ωιтн Yσυ…
Wнєη Mу Eуєѕ Oρєη…
ωнαт I ωαηηα ѕєє ƒιяѕт ιѕ Yσυ… 🙂
I ωση∂єя Iƒ Tнιѕ Cσмєѕ Tяυє…Eνєя..!!
Bυт Iƒ Aℓℓ Cαηт Hαρρєη Oη Tнιѕ
Iт Dσєѕη’т Mαттєя Cσz I Kησω Vєяу
Oη Tнє Oтнєя Wσяℓ∂ Cαℓℓє∂ Hєανєη…
I Aм Sυяє Tнєιя Yσυ Wιℓℓ Bє Oηℓу
“U Know I don’t need a pillow to
I don’t need the best bed, I don’t
even need my Cute Teddy
Whenever I get tired&need to
relax… I just need
ur chest to put my head on it, that
would give me
the best comfort”♥ ♥ ♥
Every Boy wish.
I’m not a Prince but
my Life-Partner
be a Princess



Real Boy wish.
My Life-Partner
may not be a Princess but
I promise I’ll treat her like
Boy : You Wanna Know

Girl : What ??

Boy : Loving You Is The Second
Best Thing I Ever Did !!

Girl : Okay Then what Is The First Thing????

Boy : Finding You Is the First ♥ 🙂
My Life didn’t Begin With You..
But I wish My life Would End With
You…… ♥
Alone To Cry,
Alone To Laugh,
Alone To Smile,
Alone To Frown.

Alone To Live,
Alone To Die,
Alone To Wander,
Alone To Discover.

Alone In Pain,
Alone In Hurt,
Alone In Joy.

Alone In The Morning,
Alone In The Night,
Alone In The Afternoon,
Alone In This Life,
Alone In This World.

Alone In Boredom,
Alone In Knowledge,
Alone In This State.

Alone With People,
Alone At School,
Alone Right Now,
Alone When I Was Born,
Alone When I Will Die.
Don’t Get Too Attached Too Quickly …
People Almost Always Leave…!!
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