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Best Love Messages To Share With Your Partner.

Relations cannot b bond wid
they are maintained by faith and
So dont make your Life as a deal,
but live with a great feel..♥
“Girl: How much do you love me?

Boy: Look up at the sky.

Girl: Don’t change the subject!

Boy:Just do it!…

Girl: Alright!
What am I looking at?

Boy: Count how many stars there

Girl: Impossible.

Boy: So is explaining how much I
love you.”
Why do we Need A Lover
When so Many Love us… ??
There are so many gases in Air,
We Need only Oxygen to Live… ♥♥^^
If you want a Boy to love you for
a lifetime,
Love his heart not his money.. ♥
If you want a Girl to love you for
a lifetime,
Love her soul not her body ♥ ♥
First Love is important,
Last Love is very very
First Love changes the
Last Love changes the Life..!!
So care ur love…….♥
Once A Boy Asked His Girlfriend

“What Would You Do If I Cheat On You ??
” Then The Girl Replied,

… “Trusting You Is
My Decision And Proving Me
Right Is your Choice” ……………..!! 😉
I respect BLIND people
because they judge others by their PERSONALITY,
and not by their LOOKS.

The Most Valuable Asset Is Not “A Head Full 0f Knowledge”
“A Heart Full 0f Love,
With “An Ear Ready To Listen”
“A Hand Willing To Help…
A Very Good Relationship
Needs Just Two Things
A “Little Time” To Be Spent
With Them ♥
A “True Care” To Be Shown
Ask me why I love you

And I will answer you this

“Because my heart said so”
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