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Best Love Messages To Share With Your Partner.

Girls r loved without any special reasons….♥ ♥ ♥

Her laughter is spread like music in the house. ♥

When she speaks, she speaks widout a break and everyone says “Chup bhi kar ab” 😉
When she is silent:
Mother says “tabiyat to thik hai?”,
Father says “aj ghar chup chup kyu hai?”,
Brother says “naraz hai kya?”

She is the real non-stop music.

Dedicated to emotional, cute, pretty, sweet and sincere & lovely girls:) 🙂 :):) ♥ ♥ ♥
tRUe Love Is When..
A Boy Ask The Girl For A Kiss..
The Girl Simply Close Her Eyes..
Allow The Boy For A Kiss..
The Boy “Kisses” On “Forehead”…
3 Important Days In Life

1 – The Day I Was Born,
2 – The Day You Were Born,
3 – The Day I & YOU Became WE … =) ♥
sρεcιαℓ ρεσρℓε я ησт ηεε∂ε∂ тσ вε мεεт ∂αιℓү….
тнειя мεмσяιεs αη∂ тнειя sωεεтηεss ωσятн мσяε,,
тσ ғεεℓ тнειя cℓσsεηεss…..
good вyeѕ are noт ғorever

good вyeѕ are noт тнe end

тнey ѕιмply мean ι’ll мιѕѕ yoυ

υnтιll we мeeт agaιn……
– Build trust.
– Be hOnest.
– Be faithful.
– Be there fOr One anOther.
– Make time fOr One anOther.
-Talk abOut things, bOth gOod and bad.
– Leave the past tO the past,which include ex’s.
– KnOw that having arguments are nOrmal.
– KnOw that you wOn’t always be happy.
– Appreciate the flaws.
– Appreciate each Other.
– BecOme best friends.
– Lastly, LOve each Other uncOnditiOnally |♥♥♥|
Boy: Do you care if I kiss you?

Girl: Yes, I have a problem with your kisses.

Boy: Ohhh … What is your problem?

Girl: I’m addicted to them….♥
A caring and loving person is very important in life becozz … when that person is wid you , you will learn how to Live … and when that person leaves you .. you will learn how to survive !!
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